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Isn’t it frustrating when you send your Symbol barcode scanner out for repair and have to wait weeks for them to return?



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Easily mail your Intermec barcode scanners or printers to one of our EXPRESS Repair Centers

Isn’t it frustrating when you have to pay for something even though it wasn’t repaired? That’s not right? When you ship your Intermec barcode scanners, Intermec thermal barcode label printers or Intermec mobile receipt printers to our EXPRESS Repair Centers, we waive the repair cost if your Intermec barcode scanner, label printer or mobile printer is beyond-economical-repair.

We’ve been in the business of fixing Intermec products since 1982 and have highly qualified technicians ready to diagnose your Intermec products today.

Here are the models of Intermec thermal barcode label printers we repair

PX4i, PX6i, PM4i, PF2i, PF4i, PD4, PD41, PD42, PF8, PC41, PC4, PA30, 3240, 3400, 3400B, 3400C, 3400D, 3400E, 3440, 3600, 4400, 4400B, 4400C, 4400D, 4400E, 4420A, 4420B, 4420C, 4420D, & 4420E

Here are the models of Intermec barcode scanner we repair

CK3, CK30, CK31, CK60, CK61, CN2BB, CV30, CV60, Int 2420, Int 2425, Int 2435, Int 2455, Int 2480, Int 2481, Int 2485, Int 2486, Int 700 Series, SF51, SR60, & SR30

Here are the models of Intermec mobile receipt printers we repair

PB2, PB3, PB21, PB22, PB31, PB32, PB40, PB41, PB42, PB50, PB51, PW40, PW50, 782, 782T, & 6822

Why use the MIDCOM Service Group?

We go beyond just the service call. See all of our added value services by visiting our MIDCOM Service Advantage page. We have many service centers across the U.S. and Canada, that’s how we can promise quick 2-3 day turnaround. All of our service centers have technicians that are certified for Intermec thermal printers or barcode scanner repairs and can make a fast diagnosis. What does this mean to you? It means your Intermec thermal printers or barcode scanners are not going to hold back your business from being productive. Many companies have trusted us to get up and running, so you can too.

Intermec Repair (888) 223-7453

If consumers would like to request Intermec repair, call a service representative at (888) 223-7453. The techs can repair a

barcode scanner within a one to two day turnaround. Our company guarantees all scanner repairs for sixty days upon completion. The rate is fixed for the repairs and very low cost. All repairable services to scanners and printers are guaranteed. If it can’t be fixed there are no costs. When a customer is under service contract with the company, we provide a replacement for the damaged equipment until the original is repaired. If the equipment requires the replacement of parts, our technicians have most parts available upon arrival to the site. Our techs always have the solution to service all Intermec printers and scanners.

Intermec Printer Repair (888) 223-7453

Intermec printer repair are smart choices for industries who want to reduce service costs. Call us at (888) 223-7453 for maintenance

service agreements to avoid costly repairs. Regular maintenance helps to prolong the life of Intermec printer units. Our costs are reasonable. The maintenance service plans for printers and barcode scanners covers all models.

Our maintenance contracts are designed to meet the requirements of the customers. Consumers may call or visit our website to request a quote of services and maintenance contracts. For a precise quote of services for maintenance contracts, a representative from MIDCOM will visit the industry and examine the equipment.

Intermec Barcode Scanner Repair (888) 223-7453

Our Intermec barcode scanner repair include a no-fee guarantee. We are just a phone call away. Reach us at (888) 223-7453

to inquire about our repair services. We make our services convenient by offering in-store and onsite repairs. Bring the equipment to MIDCOM store location and if it can be repaired we don’t bill. If we are called to the industry’s location, our techs will provide services in a reasonable time frame.

Fix Intermec (888) 223-7453

If industries want experts to fix Intermec products in your area, call (888) 223-7453. Leave your name and the problem with

the Intermec printers and scanners and we will quickly fix it. MIDCOM has expertise in repairs and installation of the digitizer, keypad assembly and touchscreen. We carry most of Intermec printer and scanner parts on location and each tech has possession of most parts.

Consumers may reach us by leaving their name, email, phone and model of equipment. Visit our website or call us and provide the information. We offer a thirty day guarantee on scanner repair services and a sixty day guarantee on printer repair services. Request a quote today for any of our service types; Depot, Online and Maintenance contract. If customers have emergency needs, call and someone will respond as soon as possible.

*Flat-Labor rate means you don’t pay extra for labor intensive repairs only part(s).

*”No-Fee” Guarantee means you don’t pay for printers or barcode scanners that are found to be beyond-economical-repair.

"We had multiple Symbol scanners that needed repair and didn't know if they worked. We didn't want to pay for the scanners that couldn't be repaired. We shipped them to your 'No-Fee Guarantee' service center and found out which ones were repairable and didn't have to pay for the scanners that couldn't be repaired - thanks for saving us so much money!"

Fabricating Company IT MANAGER

"I received excellent service from start to finish. It was really easy to ship my Motorola scanners to your service center and got them back really fast. You really reduced our down time and we couldn't be happier."

Manufacturing Company IT MANAGER